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101 Things again

1. Finish NHD
2. Write a novel not during NaNo
3. Get into college
4. Write to France
5. Write to Coop
6. Finish Les Miserables
7. Finish the 17 songs mix
8. Learn a concerto on the bass
9. Buy a pair of pants that fit and are not jeans
10. Get a driver license
11. Finish at least all the homework for at least one class
12. Go camping
13. Go kayaking more than twice in a summer
14. Take up piano
15. Learn basic travel Italian
16. Speak French without hesitating over sounding like an idiot
17. Go somewhere in Europe
18. Improve Greek well enough to read a paragraph without a lexicon
19. Write 100 poems (0/100)
20. Learn to knit
21. Become a pasta making fiend
22. Submit writing to be published... somewhere
23. Transfer music collection to my iPod
24. Write a romantic subplot without blushing and feeling like a hack
25. Alphabetize my bookshelf
26. Practice bass an hour and a half a day six days a week for at least a month
27. Practice yoga once a week changing to Capoeira...
28. Regain basic Spanish
29. Get a haircut
30. Get a job
31. Read everything on my Things to Read list
32. Pass all my classes
33. Graduate
34. Date someone I can stand to talk to for more than three minutes
35. Return all my library books and pay my fines
36. Try out that religion thing
37. Bake a cake from scratch
38. Put new strings on my bass
39. Learn rudimentary ASL
40. Give Max back his books
41. Stop eating eggs
42. Fill up an entire notebook, cover to cover
43. Say something worthwhile on my LJ
44. Get a new computer
45. Figure out what I want to do with my life
46. Have a civil conversation with my mother at least once a week
47. Own a pair of heels
48. Own a pretty dress

49. Go to Yellowstone
50. Learn a sport
51. Lose 15 pounds
52. Proof at least a page a day on DP abandoned
53. Edit last year’s NaNo novel
54. Clean up my room/space/whatever once a week
55. Get rid of my old, non-fitting clothes
56. Stay in touch with my high school friends
57. Stay in touch with my ITT friends
58. Donate blood
59. Go outside my comfort zone more often
60. Talk to my grandfather face to face
61. Cry unrestrainedly in front of someone else
62. Try some new recipes (0/30)
63. Go a week without watching TV or movies
64. Make a new friend
65. Get my ears pierced
66. Try a new martial art
67. Remember to look at this list every so often
68. Love as much as possible
69. Drop Asian Studies for real
70. Play my scales every time I practice
71. Learn how to do laundry
72. Take my camera with me once a month abandoned, it broke.
73. Brush my teeth twice a day
74. Buy a Moleskine, or some other nice notebook, and use it for once.
75. Take a picture every day. (0/1001)
76. Write every day. (0/1001)
77. Strive to be self-aware
78. Talk when I have something to say. No more, no less.
79. Pull an all-nighter.
80. Leave 10 reassuring notes in library books. (0/10)
81. Jam with someone.
82. Learn the roots of my superstitions.
83. Buy an awesome rolling pin
84. Be able to do 15 consecutive push-ups (0/15)
84. Learn to do a handstand

85. Drink tea once a day
86. Compliment someone every day
87. Submit something to PostSecret
88. Play bass in France
89. Have an actual party for my 18th birthday failed
90. Learn to read tarot
91. Buy a yearbook
92. Be honest
93. Learn at least a few chords on guitar
94. Complete a fast
95. Go to a concert I want to go to
96. Write down ideas before I lose them (carry a goddamn notebook)
97. Use some unusual/archaic words/idioms as part of my daily speech
98. Sing in front of people
99. Glue my broken mug back together
100. Write a piece of fanfiction. And post it.
101. Go on a roadtrip

Progress! My life has changed so much since last time I put anything here.



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Apr. 14th, 2011 10:29 am (UTC)
Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

Nov. 3rd, 2011 04:00 am (UTC)
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